Computer Inventory with AutoIT

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I've used the following AutoIT program many times to retrieve inventory information from a PC.  It grabs a load of information and will look for installed programs or all installed programs.  It will send the information to an email address, save it to a file, or both.  It needs an INI file (below) in the same folder where the program is executed.  I used Koda to create the GUI and I used the work of a few others that I found on the internet and included them in the script.

You will need to edit the script to include the SMTP server of your choice.

Save the following in the same folder as the compiled program. Name the file: Get_Inv.ini

In the 'search' section, list the programs to check to see if they are installed on the computer. If the program is not found, nothing will be shown in the list.
To list all the installed programs, type 'All' in the first field, 'file0'.
List as many programs as needed.  Just add another line and increment the number.
Internet is required (1) to send an email.  To only save a file locally, it must be '0'. If there are values other than these two, the program will not run. The local file will be saved in the same folder from where the program is run.